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Tuition and Fees

Our tuition rates include all costs of sending your child through our program.

Weekly classes in Spanish and Yoga are included in the regular tuition for Toddler and Primary students.  Primary students also have a weekly Art class.

Monthly Rates

Infant Class

$1,800 per month,  $452.50 per week

Toddler Class

$1,600 per month, $402.50 per week

Primary Class

$1,200 per month, $302.50 per week

Kindergarten, 5 years old by Sept 1

$1,000 per month, $252.50 per week

Siblings receive a discount of $250 per month.

We offer an optional Pizza Lunch on Wednesdays for an additional $ 10 monthly.


We Provide


You Provide

·    Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks

·    Water and milk to drink

·    Top Hat Montessori bag

·    Quiet nap time for children under 5


·    Nutritious nut-free lunch without cookies or other sweets

·    Diapers and wipes, if needed

·    Slippers to wear inside the classroom

·    Small pillow and blanket for naps

All tuition is payable monthly, due on the first of each month. Weekly or bi-weekly payments can be arranged with a $2.50 service charge added to each payment.

We accept Visa and Mastercard for one-time or recurring payments, with a 3% service charge.