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The Toddler program at Top Hat Montessori serves children between the ages of 18 months to 3 years in a classroom that is both spacious and inviting, giving your child the ability to move freely and pass from one activity to another, which is part of their nature.  The Toddler program is designed to prepare your child as he/she begins and educational voyage that will lead to Kindergarten and beyond.  The student:teacher ratio in our Toddler program is 6:1.

In the warm, nurturing environment of the Toddler classroom, children develop social skills such as cooperation through practice, and learn to use words to express the emotions they are feeling and the emotions being experienced by others. At the beginning of the year, the main focus of the program is to help children establish a feeling of trust that will allow them to separate from their parents with ease. 

The teachers and adults are strong role models for grace, courtesy and sincere consideration for others. The bright and airy classroom provides many open spaces for the children to move and explore. The environment fosters the development of order, concentration, coordination and independence in a gentle atmosphere of respect, accomplished by providing work that is developmentally appropriate.  

Throughout the year, early materials are rotated with more complex and challenging ones.  The environment is rich with materials that stimulate conversation and the development of language, encourage sensory exploration, introduce pre-math concepts through manipulative materials, facilitate science and nature exploration, and engage in activities that develop gross and fine motor movement.

Practical life activities, such as plant watering, pouring, table washing, and food preparation, relate to care of self and care of the environment. This area of the classroom is the foundation of the Montessori philosophy and plays an important role in both toddler and primary environments. The class also has group time for singing, reading, music and movement. Movement is as important to toddlers as eating, so each day our toddlers spend time outside developing their large motor skills.  

Your child will flourish in the well rounded environment at Top Hat Montessori.