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    Our Primary program serves children from ages 3 to 6 years old. Children must be toilet trained to enter the Primary program, and must be evaluated by one of our head teachers to ensure they are developmentally ready. The student:teacher ratio in our Primary program is 12:1 during the academic day, and 10:1 all other times. Our maximum class size is 24 with one head tacher and one assistant.

    Every day your child will discover new creative expressions in a joyful and supportive learning environment. The aim of the Primary program is to help children construct themselves, developing their full potential through interaction with their environment and their peers. Your child will work independently or in small groups in a child-sized environment. The children move and explore work specially designed to meet a young child’s interests and help them discover the world. During these years, your child absorbs information effortlessly. That’s why the Primary classrooms at Top Hat Montessori are filled with an array of colorful, exciting, and stimulating materials. The Montessori prepared environment encourages discovery, and fosters your child’s development of independence, concentration, sequential thought, and controlled physical movement.

    A structured day provides an academically enriched program with plenty of outdoor activities, providing opportunities for your child to learn and socialize while exercising their body as well as their mind. The curriculum engages children in practical life skills that they need for every day life, encourages sensory development, and introduces language and math concepts. We enrich this curriculum with an assortment of cultural explorations.

    Realizing that each child is a unique individual with different needs, our students learn at their own pace in a cooperative atmosphere. You will see your child blossom as he or she makes choices, developing a sense of independence and pride in their work.

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