Tuition and Fees

  • Other programs add extra charges to their tuition rates. For your convenience, our tuition rates are all inclusive. The only extra charges are for optional sports programs.

  • We Provide
    • Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks
    • Water and milk to drink
    • Top Hat Montessori bag
    • Quiet nap time for children under 5
  • You Provide
    • Nutritious nut-free lunch without cookies or other sweets
    • Diapers and wipes, if needed
    • Slippers to wear inside the classroom
    • Small pillow and blanket for naps
  • Program Options

    • Infant Class
      • Home like environment with plenty of space for crawling and walking.
      • Loving teachers have been with the school since it opened.
      • Feeding, changing, and napping follows same schedule as at home.
      • Serves children 2 - 17 months of age.
      • The student:teacher ratio in our Infant program is 3:1.
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    • Toddler Class
      • Bright classroom full of active tasks for Toddlers.
      • Children learn basic life and social skills, and language and other subjects typical for this age.
      • Plenty of music, stories, art, and playground time.
      • Serves children from 15 months through 2 years.
      • The student:teacher ratio in our Toddler program is 5:1.
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    • Primary Class
      • Children gain confidence and independence.
      • Language and math skills at your child's own pace.
      • Science, Geography, Art, Music, Spanish, Yoga are all part of the curriculum.
      • Serves children from ages 3 to 6 years old.
      • The student:teacher ratio in our Primary program is 12:1.
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    • Kindergarten
      • Kindergarten is integrated with Primary in the morning with advanced academic instruction period after lunch.
      • Learning at their own pace, children reach or exceed academic standards for their age.
      • Social and emotional skills learned are critical for academic success.
      • Children who are 4 years old may receive PreK academic instruction.
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  • Fees and Discounts

    Siblings receive a discount of $250 per month.

    We offer an optional Pizza Lunch on Wednesdays for an additional $ 10 monthly.

  • All tuition is payable monthly, due on the first of each month. Weekly or bi-weekly payments can be arranged with a $2.50 service charge added to each payment.

    We accept Visa and Mastercard for one-time or recurring payments, with a 3% service charge.