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    Top Hat Montessori is a school for the 21st Century, providing all day, all year Montessori programs for the children of today's working families. With a strong commitment to traditional Montessori education, our programs and pricing meet the needs of families with children too young for Elementary school, so you can go to work without worry.

    Maria Montessori was a physician in Italy in the early 1900’s.  The government was struggling with children being left at home during the day while their parents worked.  Dr. Montessori had worked successfully with special needs children, so they asked her to establish a program to care for the children.  Through careful observation and experimentation, Dr. Montessori learned what materials and activities engaged the children’s interest, appealing to their instinctive need to learn. Her goals were to meet their developmental needs, and to teach them practical skills, academic fundamentals, respect for others, and care of self and the environment. 

    As you walk through our bright and airy classrooms, you can see that her methods and materials work as well today as they did for Dr. Montessori. We work hard to make the program convenient for working families.

    • A single monthly tuition payment covers all costs, with no surprise charges
    • Open from 6:30am until 6:30pm
    • Closed only on holidays, and for weather only when the roads are not safe for travel
    • Parent events and meetings held at the end of the day, during pick-up hours
    • No teacher work days or early closings
    • Online system for communication with daily reports on meals and snacks, naps, diaper changes, and classroom activities

    We work for you.

Come take a tour. We'd love to meet you!


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