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Who Was Dr. Maria Montessori?

Deciding whether or not to enroll your child in a Montessori school in Maryland requires you to learn more about the system of teaching employed in the educational institution. This means learning more about the visionary, Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori was an Italian physician and educator that opened the first school to employ the … Continue reading

Communicating with Teachers During Virtual Learning

The COVID19 pandemic has forced most people to stay home to avoid infection. For students and teachers, this means moving to an online learning platform. Now, what most parents are wondering is how can they make the transition easier for their children and how often should they communicate with their children’s teachers. Here are some … Continue reading

Ways to Develop Preschoolers Concentration Span

Many preschoolers find it hard to stay focus. According to Edutopia Org, children enrolled in day care in Gaithersburg, Maryland have an attention span of fewer than 15 minutes. That’s why you should get some help from a professional teacher who can help in the children’s learning process. Top Hat Montessori, a Montessori School in … Continue reading

How Montessori Schools Help Children with ADHD

As of 2016, about 9.4% (around 6.1 million) of children were diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Thankfully, you can find reliable Montessori school in Maryland that provides quality education for all, including children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). With this, we’ll present you some ways … Continue reading

How to Know If Your Child Is Ready to Read?

Children going into preschool level are open to a lot of new learnings like reading. But as parents, you should know how to detect signs of read-readiness in your children at home so that you can prepare them for reading by themselves in school. These signs are easily detectable in children as they can be … Continue reading

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How to Motivate Children to Do Household Chores

There are many things that children can learn from doing chores at home, as any Montessori school in Maryland would tell you. Household chores teach them what they need to know about caring for themselves, their family, and their home. They can apply the skills they learn now to when they become adults, such as … Continue reading

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