Bring Mathematics in the Kitchen

Bring Mathematics in the Kitchen

To most children, mathematics may be regarded as a laborious learning drill. However, it can be an enjoyable activity. Associating math with almost every part of their day-to-day activities can greatly help them appreciate the subject. Without having to put it in a schedule, children will improve their knowledge of math concepts even without them recognizing. While your children are enrolled in a Preschool in Maryland, it’s wise to continually teach them math basics even outside the four walls of their classroom. Parents don’t even have to initiate creative math games, visuals, or any other elaborate learning activities as their own kitchen will do.

Specific skills are more likely retained when putting to use, most especially for children. As simple as setting the table, organizing the pantry, and letting them help with the cooking are already opportunities to teach them counting, patterning, and sorting. In setting the table, you can arrange the utensils while counting or let them set the tables as you did, which are excellent exercises in counting, patterning, and visual discrimination. These skills are all the more honed at Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Top Hat Montessori, a daycare provider in Maryland, will be your partner in honing your children to become lifelong learners – ready to learn in and out the school. Enroll your kids with us today.

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