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How Children Can Play in a Puddle on a Rainy Day

How Children Can Play in a Puddle on a Rainy Day

If the rainy weather is uncomfortable for adults, it doesn’t mean it is too, for children. In truth, rain puddles have an almost magnetic pull to children as they watch the rainfall. If it’s warm enough, giving in to their clamor so they can enjoy the rainfall and mud can help them in many ways than one. They may even experience the cause-and-effect and learn the properties of water through this simple activity and not just in a Day Care in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Here are ways they can have fun despite the weather:

  • Puddle jumping
    As long as the puddle is warm enough, children should not only be encouraged to learn in a Montessori School in Maryland. They should also be given the freedom to put on their raincoats, run outside, and jump into puddles. Jumping and stomping are fine ways to develop their motor skills.
  • Floating and sinking
    Using puddle as a natural water table, let children explore the properties of floating and sinking by experimenting with different items outside. Children learn to make predictions and explore strategies through this type of play.
  • Puddle music
    The rain has many sounds in which Preschool incorporates into songs. Playing in the puddles is more enjoyable with singing. Through these songs, children develop a sense of rhythm, which is essential in their phonemic awareness skills.

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Tips to Get Your Children to Sleep

Tips to Get Your Children to Sleep

Children who get less sleep can be groggy, tired, irritated, and may have problems with concentration and memory. It is because as much as adults, children can have sleeping problems too. They may also have insomnia at some level, characterized in their struggles of falling asleep, staying asleep, or sometimes, waking up too early. When they get into a Preschool in Maryland, their overall performance may be affected. Sleeping disorders among children may be largely due to the inconsistency of daily schedules. When children don’t abide by the clock, they might struggle in getting to sleep too.

As a daycare provider in Maryland, we aspire for children to learn as much as they can in every circumstance and setting. However, when their sleepy disposition hinders them to do such, we highly advise parents to set them an individualized bedtime. Mostly, they will need 9-11 hours of sleep per day. Children’s needs are different, so it’s best to know how much sleep they need to wake up refreshed. Based on that, set an appropriate bedtime as well as their wake-up schedule. Keep bedtime and wake-up time the same, and as much as possible, every day.

A Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland such as Top Hat Montessori communicates with parents about how their children do at school. This way, you will be able to keep track of your children’s progress.

Bring Mathematics in the Kitchen

Bring Mathematics in the Kitchen

To most children, mathematics may be regarded as a laborious learning drill. However, it can be an enjoyable activity. Associating math with almost every part of their day-to-day activities can greatly help them appreciate the subject. Without having to put it in a schedule, children will improve their knowledge of math concepts even without them recognizing. While your children are enrolled in a Preschool in Maryland, it’s wise to continually teach them math basics even outside the four walls of their classroom. Parents don’t even have to initiate creative math games, visuals, or any other elaborate learning activities as their own kitchen will do.

Specific skills are more likely retained when putting to use, most especially for children. As simple as setting the table, organizing the pantry, and letting them help with the cooking are already opportunities to teach them counting, patterning, and sorting. In setting the table, you can arrange the utensils while counting or let them set the tables as you did, which are excellent exercises in counting, patterning, and visual discrimination. These skills are all the more honed at Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Top Hat Montessori, a daycare provider in Maryland, will be your partner in honing your children to become lifelong learners – ready to learn in and out the school. Enroll your kids with us today.

Why Is Setting a Daily Routine for Children Important?

Why Is Setting a Daily Routine for Children Important?

Routines are how individuals or families organize themselves to accomplish things by following fixed procedures and set time. From daily routines for schoolwork, bath time, mealtime, to bedtime, they’re great ways for families to spend time and have fun together. A preschool in Maryland backs up how routines do not only make life smoother for every family, but they are also fundamental aspects of children’s training.

Having special routines which the family can consider as rituals can strengthen the sense of belonging and togetherness for the family members. An organized and predictable home environment can help children feel safe, secure, and looked after, making them easier to deal with stressful events.

It also gives them a sense of responsibility while cultivating lifelong skills. When they can already do their parts of the routine with lesser help from the parents, it signals their becoming more independent. A daycare provider in Maryland also helps in this phase. Established school routines develop in them basic skills such as self-discipline and managing their time.

Routines are also great ways to teach them healthy habits such as brushing their teeth, taking their medicines regularly, getting some exercise, or washing hands after using the toilet. These everyday habits can be good for children’s health. For instance, children who wash their hands more often are at a lesser risk for colds and other common illnesses.

Initially, home is the children’s first school. It takes a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland to continue the learnings they acquired at home in a classroom setting. Enroll your child at our daycare and give them a solid foundation of learning.

Tips on Improving Children’s Concentration Power

Tips on Improving Children’s Concentration Power

Focus, listen, finish – tasks which children may find toiling. While attention span differs by age, at their early years, children are built for action and not for sitting still, which is why you are likely to see them more distracted than focused, especially when they find things boring. They are differently hardwired from adults who finish their tasks whether they like it or not. Aside from that, gadget dependence has also reduced children’s concentration and memory power. However, a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland believes that concentration is an ability which children are yet to acquire.

As a daycare provider in Maryland, we provide some surefire ways to increase your children’s attention level and concentration power in the following:

  • Play focus games & exercises to build attention
    For children, playing is serious learning. Rid off of gadgets and have them play regular toys and focus-exercising activities. Get them to play thinking games, sequencing, or simply challenging them to just sit without moving or fidgeting and see how long they can do it.
  • Prepare a distraction-free environment
    Understand which kind of environment your children prefer to study in. Some children respond well in a soothing and calming environment while others thrive more where there are lots of hustle-bustles. A Preschool in Maryland can provide your children with learning-conducive surroundings.
  • Understand your children’s method of learning
    Are they visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners? All children learn in different ways. Some understand better when they see, hear, or do something. Make sure to understand which category your child falls under.

When it comes to your children’s growth, only the best school will do. Enroll them at Top Hat Montessori for their holistic development.

Parent Mindfulness: Tips for Success

Parent Mindfulness: Tips for Success

Parents, do you sometimes find yourself wondering what you did during the day, beyond cleaning up messes and managing tantrums?

Many adults often speed through their waking hours – some simply go through the motions and routine of each day. A lack of mindfulness may lead to feelings of stress. Remember, not only is stress unhealthy for your body and mind, but it does not help you be the best parent that you can be.

The answer? Mindfulness.

Being a Mindful Parent: What Does It Mean?

Generally, mindfulness is the state of being aware or conscious of something. It means pausing during the day to say, “I want to be aware and conscious of how I am parenting.” However, mindful parenting is more than this. It also involves:

  • Learning to pause before you respond when you are angry
  • Noticing your own feelings and when you are in conflict with your child
  • Fully listening to your child’s viewpoint even when you disagree

How to be a Mindful Parent: Tips from Top Hat Montessori

As a leading Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we offer the following tips for parents:

  • Stop and Breathe
    The first step to mindful parenting is to stop and breathe. As you are reading this article right now, pause and take a moment. Take a few slow breaths in your nose and out your mouth. The more you calm your body through breathing, the more you will be able to stay calm and present – both emotionally and mentally.

    Deep breathing is a great way to relax and lower your stress levels. Remember, if you are stressed out, it may affect your ability to be a logical, mentally-present parent. Also, when you take the time to pause and relax, you can better focus on your child’s needs and feel less stressed while doing so.

  • Mindfulness Can Help You Follow the Child
    “Follow the child, they will show you what they need to do, what they need to develop in themselves and what area they need to be challenged in. The aim of the children who persevere in their work with an object is certainly not to ‘learn’ they are drawn to it by the needs of their inner life, which must be recognized and developed by its means.” – Maria Montessori

    One of the key points of Maria Montessori’s teaching style is that she observed children extensively and used those observations to develop the educational materials and learning environment around what she saw the children were attracted to. She was incredibly mindful in her time with children.

    As a parent, take the time to emulate this quality. First, be mindful of yourself and next, be mindful as you observe your children. Be present (physically, emotionally, and mentally), so you can apply the Montessori principles with your children.

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