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4 Secrets to Raising a Life-Long Reader

4 Secrets to Raising a Life-Long Reader

In today’s busy and fast-paced world, it is often difficult to set aside time to just sit down with a book. However, it has been proven that children who enjoy reading have greater success in school, so fostering a love of reading in your child should be a priority.

Top Hat Montessori, a reputable preschool in Maryland, offers the following tips to make sharing and reading books a part of your daily routine.

  1. Choose Books that Your Child Enjoys

    This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of parents actually struggle with this. As a parent, you may want your children to read the books that you loved as a child or books that you believe to be good for their level. However, reading books should never be a chore for your child – it should be fun!

    As much as possible, allow your child to choose their own reading materials (as long as it is age-appropriate, of course). For instance, you may not be overly fond of comic books, but most children enjoy them! Also, while you may be a fan of non-fiction books, your child may be more interested in adventure-filled, fiction books. By allowing your child to choose their own reading materials, reading becomes more fun and interesting for them.

  2. Set an Example
    You are your child’s first and most important teacher, so make sure to be a good role model. Set an example and read in front of your child. Watching you read books, newspapers, and magazines show your child that reading is important. The more your child sees you reading, be it for business or pleasure, it will encourage them to start reading too. Encourage your children to join you with their own book while you are reading.
  3. Keep Reading Materials in Your Home
    Provide your child with easy access to books and other reading materials at home. This helps them understand that reading does not only happen at school – it can be done anywhere. Furthermore, it provides them with a wide variety of reading materials and genres to choose from. Let children choose what they want to read. Remember, the more interested children are in a subject, the more excited they will be to read!
  4. Talk about Books
    Reading does not have to stop once you put the book down. Talk to your children about books that you have read and books you think they might enjoy. Ask them about the book that they are currently reading and what they are learning from it. If your child has a favorite author, ask about their interest and help your child find more books by that same writer. For a more structured discussion, consider joining a parent/child book club. Not only will it help further your book discussions, but it can also be a great bonding experience too!

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How Music Enhances a Child’s Learning

How Music Enhances a Child’s Learning

Music is deeply ingrained in every person’s life. From our culture, environment, ethnicity, and even family upbringing, music is very much a part of us. But is music really instrumental in a child’s learning development? This is something we would like to shed light upon.

As a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we also integrate music into our daily schedules. We believe that music has a great role to play in improving a child’s learning capacity just like one study that shows the cognitive difference between children who learned musical instruments and those who don’t. Children with musical lessons show evidence of acceleration of their brain development.

The following points are the observed impact of music to a child’s learning growth:

  • Improved Academic Achievement
    According to NAMM Foundation, children who have been trained to play a musical instrument show improved academic standing. In particular, their reading and language skills improved while their average SAT scores have also increased. For this reason, many parents and educators, such as in our Preschool in Maryland, integrate music in children’s daily activities.
  • Improves Infant Learning
    Many parents play up music to calm down their babies or put them to sleep. Yet, more than this, music and songs help improve their familiarity with words. Parents will notice that they can easily teach new words to their babies when they sing along with nursery rhymes. Even when bathing their babies, music can be used to teach a baby with words.
  • Improves Vocabulary Learning
    The independent stage of toddlers is also developed with good music. At this stage, toddlers already know how to dance along with the songs. Furthermore, their knowledge of words improves because of the repeated lyrics in the songs they hear every day. You can use the words they learn to help enhance your child’s conversational skills.
  • Learning of Numbers and Colors
    Many children also play along with nursery rhymes that teach numbers. Toddlers and preschoolers alike begin counting from 1-10 with the familiarity they have from the nursery songs they hear. Along with that, they also learn how to identify colors which are instrumental in developing their creative side.
  • BONUS: Enhances Social Skills
    Children find a fun way of expressing themselves with music. They can dance, play, and sing along together. Even babies learn how to clap along and sway their body along with the melody. Because of this, music provides an opportunity for children to enjoy each others’ company. When they also share the same musical interest, a deeper bond of friendship is also formed.

When it comes to your child’s overall learning growth, Top Hat Montessori is your partner. As a Montessori-based Daycare provider in Maryland, we have the right set of programs and learning environment that will nurture the overall learning capacity of your child. If you would like to inquire more about our programs, contact us today. We would love to answer questions for you.

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How a Mixed-Age Learning Environment Benefits Children

How a Mixed-Age Learning Environment Benefits Children

Our primary classes at Top Hat Montessori are in mixed-age classrooms. As soon as children turn three years old, they can already start attending these classes. They will stay in this program for three years and when they leave, they are well-prepared for the elementary years.

As a Montessori-based Preschool in Maryland, we have seen how effective mixed-aged learning environment is for children. We encourage you to consider enrolling your child in this exposure to also reap the benefits of school readiness.

Consider the following benefits of mixed-age learning:

  • Learning at Their Own Lead
    Children in a Montessori-based program are given their own time and resources to learn on their own. They don’t adhere to strict programs that may be too much for their age. The programs and activities we provide for them are already time-tested. Children get to select the activities prepared for them and finish these at their own pace. In other words, the programs are customized to the child’s learning progress. With this environment, children are able to see learning as fun and enjoyable.
  • Focused Learning
    The children in our mixed-age classes are also fitted with the right teacher-student ratio. This means that the number of teachers inside is just sufficient to supervise the students they have so that the learners will have proper learning. In this manner, the children can focus on their learning activities. They have teachers who will see to it that their learning experiences and questions are attended to.
  • Developed Social Skills
    Children are naturally sociable. However, in our Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, they get to have an opportunity to nurture these skills on a deeper level. Since they will be staying with most of these children in three years, they learn to develop friendship with each other. As a result, their social skills are developed. The older children learn to set themselves as examples while the younger ones learn to obey and follow their lead.
  • Increased Independence
    In a mixed-age setting, children are given the opportunity to explore by themselves. With supervision from their teachers, the children decide on the activities they wish to accomplish. With this freedom, children feel confident about the things they choose in the classroom. As a result, their sense of independence is even more enhanced.

Are you curious about how mixed-age classes can provide further overall learning benefits to your child? Would you like to personally inquire from our administrators so that your concerns are satisfied? Are you looking for a Daycare provider in Maryland that can meet your child’s holistic learning needs? Set an appointment with us at Top Hat Montessori. We will be glad to entertain your inquiries. You can also contact us directly through our online information.

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How Parents Can Raise Independent Children

How Parents Can Raise Independent Children

Being a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we believe that children can be nurtured towards quality independence which they can utilize until adulthood. With all the activities and programs we provide, we have seen how independent children can be more disciplined and behaved in their respective circumstances.

Independence can also be nurtured at home, especially with your supervision as their loving and devoted parents. Hence, we would like to offer the following recommendations to help you out when nurturing independence in your precious one.

  • Be Appreciative of their Efforts
    As soon as children reach the toddler years, they can already manifest behaviors of independence. They would want to do things on their own which can make you feel a bit anxious for their safety. These manifestations, however, can be nurtured so they learn to work their independence out. To support them, appreciate their actions while at the same time monitor and supervise their safety. For instance, if they climb on the stairs, praise them for their sense of adventure and the strength of their arms and legs but ensure that child-proof measures are in place.
  • Provide Chores
    Children can also start doing chores that are appropriate for their age. In our Preschool in Maryland, we have seen how age-appropriate activities promote the learner’s sense of responsibility and independence. At home, you can also nurture this ability by assigning them to pick up their own toys or put on their shoes, as is safe and right for their age.
  • Allow Them to Choose
    The ability to choose is also another way to help children to gain independence. At the same time, we’re also enabling them to develop their cognitive and decision-making skills. When your child learns to choose, they also get to hone their interests even more. Provide them with little choices every once in a while, such as asking them which pajamas they would want to wear that night.
  • Avoid Insisting Perfection
    As parents, we can be at times focused on how perfect things ought to be done at work and at home. While this is a commendable trait, it is not easily encouraged to impart to our children as this can limit their independence. Recognize that mistakes are inevitable and children greatly learn from their mistakes. Hence, give them as much opportunity to explore on their own without expecting or insisting perfection.
  • Be Mindful of Their Health or Mood
    When children prefer certain activities over others or when they are not in the mood to do a certain task, respect their reaction. Being a Daycare provider in Maryland, we recognize that children can thrive better when they don’t feel forced about a task. When they’re not feeling well, just let them rest or when they want to do one task only, just let them be.

At Top Hat Montessori, you have us as partners in promoting the overall learning experience of your child. We hope that the above tips have been empowering for you.

Parents’ Guide on Why Children Need to Eat Breakfast

Parents’ Guide on Why Children Need to Eat Breakfast

As the primary caretaker of children, parents are at the forefront of ensuring that their children are in the safe and best condition every day. From the food they eat and the clothes they wear to ensuring that they get a quality learning experience in a Preschool in Maryland, parents would want to know that their children will always have the best in life.

Does this describe you, mom and dad?

If so, then you know how crucial it is for your child to have breakfast every day. Often dubbed as the most important meal of the day, breakfast extends a lot of benefits to children, especially in their growing up years. In our Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we provide various learning activities that promote children’s independence and quality learning. The more engaged your children are, the better their learning growth will be. When they have been filled with a healthy breakfast, they can have an even more improved learning experience.

Consider the following reasons why breakfast is truly essential for children:

  • Energy Enhancement
    As the first meal of the day, breakfast revives the children’s energy, which has been put to rest for at least 12 hours while they were sleeping. During these hours, their body has also been working to improve their health and ensure normal development. When they wake up, they will be in need of more energy so they can accomplish many things. Breakfast can fill children with more energy so they can be more alert and focused especially with their learning tasks in school.
  • Prevents Irritability
    Have you noticed how irritable you can get when you’re hungry? It can also do the same thing to your child. When they are into the habit of eating breakfast, however, this negative behavior can be prevented. Now that your child is more energized, they can focus on their activities, they will have more strength, and they are less irritable.
  • Manages Weight
    Weight management can also be a real struggle for parents when their children have too much or too little of the ideal weight of their age. However, breakfast greatly improves children’s metabolism so that their digestion functions well. With breakfast, their metabolism will have a great start for the day, enabling the body to convert more calories into energy. Consequently, children can burn more fats and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Prevents Sugar Consumption
    When children don’t eat breakfast, they tend to be hungrier in the middle of the day and the craving for sweet foods increase. However, most of these foods contain high amounts of calories, which trigger being overweight. To prevent this urge, get your child to eat breakfast.

As a Daycare provider in Maryland, we also recognize that eating breakfast offers many health rewards to your children especially when they are at their learning stage. For this reason, our team at Top Hat Montessori encourages you to promote healthy eating at home so your child can also have quality learning in school.

Education Hacks: How to Deal with an Angry Child

Education Hacks: How to Deal with an Angry Child

Still do not know how to tame irate children? As the trusted Preschool in Maryland, we just know how to help you with your concern. With our years of experience in early childhood education, we have encountered children with different attitudes and behaviors. We have managed numerous happenings wherein children cry, shout, and burst out of anger. So, if you are having a difficult time dealing with these types of children, we just got you covered. The list below is composed of hacks and tips that will help you calm an irate child:

  • Avoid yelling back.

    Shouting back at children will not make the situation easier. It is like adding fuel to the fire, as it only makes the condition worse. So, the best thing you can do is stay calm and wait for the children to cool down.

  • Initiate the talk.

    After the anger defuses, encourage the children to open up and talk. You can start by saying, “I understand that you may be feeling upset.” This phrase allows them to become self-aware of what is happening to them when they are angry and provides an opportunity for all of you to talk about the situation.

  • Lend your ears.

    For you to truly understand why they are acting that way, you need to listen to their sides. By doing so, you can determine the factors that make them upset and prevent the same event from happening again.

  • Give logical and natural consequences.

    There are children who become aggressive when they are angry. However, you should remember that you must not tolerate such behavior. You have to make it clear to them that violent actions are wrong and prohibited. To put a stop to their aggression, make sure to give effective consequences such as separating them from other children when they are behaving aggressively.

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