Toddler Care Program in Maryland

Get your toddlers active and let them develop their newly discovered skills.

Join our Toddler program in our Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland every morning, or for three days per week if you choose. After a morning of fun and educational activities, your child can come home for lunch and a welcome nap. Or drop them off on your way to work and pick them up at the end of your day. Either way, your child will enjoy a day filled with experiences that meet their individual developmental needs. Children usually join the Toddler class when they are between 15 and 18 months old. When a child is nearing 3 years of age and is fully toilet trained, we watch for signs of readiness to move them up to the Primary class.

Toddlers are busy all day, exploring the various areas of the classroom. This is a wonderful advantage over what you can provide in your home, with many more choices, and opportunities to learn to share space with other Toddlers. Our teachers are specially trained to teach social skills like taking turns, saying “please” and “thank you”, putting things away, and taking care of the materials.

Practical Life. A variety of washing and water pouring choices. Dressing frames help them learn to dress and undress themselves practicing buttons, buckles, zippers, velcro, and snaps.

Language. Toddlers vocabulary explodes between 18 months and 3 years. We begin to help them recognize beginning sounds and rhymes, skills that will help them to read later. We also expose them to different objects such as animal figures so they can learn their names. We also provide a library that children can use at any time to sit and look at books.

Math. This is an age where the concept of counting begins. We practice counting, and expose them to numbers to build their early math skills.

Sensorial. Our sensorial activities introduce shapes and colors, as well as sounds, textures, sizes and temperatures, to stimulate their senses and label their experiences. These materials also introduce the concept of sorting, for example from small to large, or by color or shape. Children learn to pay attention to what their senses are telling them, and to use that information to create a sense of order in their world.

It may sound like work, and we use the term “work” to refer to their activities, but the children really enjoy their time. Because our program is child led, your child will build a strong sense of confidence and independence. Children are happy to arrive, once they move past the separation process, and often walk away from parents to greet their fellow students when they come in the door.

Outside play and other large motor activities are important for Toddlers who are developing their balance, and awareness and control of their bodies. They learn to walk, run, and march, jump on two feet and on one, raise their arms over their heads and touch their toes.

Whether your child attends only for the morning, or for the whole day, they will have a wonderful experience with loving teachers. Come see for yourself.

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The world is a better place when diverse people come together and learn from each other. We are patient with each other’s different points of view, and seek to understand first, before


Every person has a light inside themselves, and we respect the value of that light inside ourselves and others. We never demean or criticize a child, another staff member, or a parent.


Close contact with others can naturally lead to conflict. We seek to turn that conflict to creativity and open minded problem solving. We speak to each other often, sharing ideas and getting help with issues.


A passion for learning keeps us all feeling young and excited about life. We share our excitement for learning with the children, encouraging their curiosity and teach them how to find answers to their questions.


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We strive to maintain a sense of peace inside ourselves, and to create a sense of peace around us. We do not call out across a room; we do not hurry or rush; as adults, we restrain our emotional responses to the children so that we may calmly guide them.