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Clean classroom with tables and chairsMaria Montessori was a physician in Rome in the early 1900’s. She had experience with special needs children, so the government asked her to establish a program to care for young children who were being left home alone while their parents worked at low-wage jobs. Applying her scientific skills of observation and experimentation, she discovered how these young children learn best. Dr. Montessori used the phrase “The Absorbent Mind” to describe children from birth through age six because of the way they absorb information from their surroundings, and incorporate that information into a worldview that guides them through the rest of their lives.

Having lived through two world wars, part of Dr. Montessori’s vision included educating young children in such a way that will create a more gentle, loving, and peaceful world in the future where all life and all cultures are respected and appreciated at all times.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered

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