Ensuring Clean Surroundings Keep Babies Healthy

Ensuring Clean Surroundings Keep Babies Healthy

Infancy is the fastest period that your child zooms through, even though the sleepless nights and countless diaper changes seem to go on forever. Cherish all the moments that you can as it passes by so quickly.

To help your child grow in a clean and safe environment, here are some steps from our Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland which you can do at home to keep your infant healthy:

  • Clean surfaces
    Before you lay down your infant into their crib or on your bed, make sure clean sheets are placed and their crib is not soiled. Clean sheets keep them dry and help them avoid developing rashes so that they do not have to use creams for any itchy skin areas. Before letting them sit down to eat or play, wiping their chairs or surfaces that are going to be used will be free of any dirty liquids or choking hazards. As part of our cleanliness protocol at our preschool in Maryland, we also inspect rooms and items that our children can access to maintain healthy center standards.
  • Sanitize items
    Infants who are zero to eighteen months old may usually be fond of putting things into their mouth as part of their development which is called the oral stage. They could also be teething, that is why they like to chew or suck on things to give them temporary relief of their teething pains. Make sure to sanitize or even wash all of the items that often get damp or are used for eating and drinking. Toss out or replace all items if you sense that they are developing molds or any discoloration around the mouthpiece. Even rubber ducks in the bathtub should be tossed out, as some of the water may not be fully drained and can become stale. As part of the protocol at our Preschool in Maryland, we put great emphasis on regular sanitation.
  • Regular baths
    Itchy skin and rashes can easily be avoided with regular hand washing and bathing. Viruses and infections can also be avoided when your children practice good habits as they ease their way through their daily routines.

Parents will do all that they can to provide a healthy environment for their children and as a daycare provider in Maryland, we also take necessary precautions to keep our center a happy place where infants, toddlers, and preschoolers love to be in.

Looking for that healthy environment to enroll your infant, toddler, and/or preschooler together? We can help you with that at Top Hat Montessori. Call us today at 240-813-0713 or book an appointment for a chance to get a free month on us!

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