How Developing a Love For Learning and Appreciation of Other Cultures Will Help Your Child Later in Life

How Developing a Love For Learning and Appreciation of Other Cultures Will Help Your Child Later in Life

A skill that will be vital for future workers to have that is important for teachers to expose their students to and help them acquire is a comfort level and willingness to work collaboratively with colleagues who are different than them in regard to culture, gender, race, religion, first language, etc. This is true because our society will continue to become increasingly global where people from different countries and different cultures will need to frequently work together collaboratively, and it is important not to allow children to be left handicapped by not being given opportunities to become comfortable with people who are different than they are. It is important to help children acquire the skill of being able to feel comfortable with and to positively relate to people who are different than they are in regard to culture, gender, race, religion, first language, etc.

Instilling a love for learning in children will be very helpful to them in their future work, as continuous learning will likely be necessary for most jobs in the future. Future workers will need to be able to learn to use complex technology quickly. We can already see this in how daycare workers are expected to quickly learn new software systems to do things such as record when infants are fed and changed. It is not enough to know a particular software system, as the school may change systems and expect the teacher to learn the new one quickly, or the system itself may change and require to new learning to keep using it. and it will be most helpful for children to acquire a love for learning early so they embrace and enjoy the kind of continual learning that will be required for most jobs rather than feel just burdened by having to continuously learn new things.

Comfort levels and habits form in the very young years, so the time to start preparing our children for Life is in their youngest years. At Top Hat Montessori we inspire a love of learning by inspiring the children to learn without the kind of pressure that may cause children to associate learning with unpleasant pressure. Indeed, the Montessori teacher is actually called a “Guide,” who mentors and inspires rather than pressures and judges. This is part of why Montessori is considered an Alternative form of education. At Top Hat Montessori we honor Dr. Montessori’s desire to have the objective of planting the seeds of achieving World Peace in the future generations by facilitating an appreciation of differences and preparing children to be able to appreciate and to be able to work collaboratively with those who may be different than themselves. This summer we are having as our new theme each week the country that each of our students and staff members have families from and we are celebrating the differences and similarities of each.

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