How Parents Can Raise Independent Children

 How Parents Can Raise Independent Children

Being a Montessori School in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we believe that children can be nurtured towards quality independence which they can utilize until adulthood. With all the activities and programs we provide, we have seen how independent children can be more disciplined and behaved in their respective circumstances.

Independence can also be nurtured at home, especially with your supervision as their loving and devoted parents. Hence, we would like to offer the following recommendations to help you out when nurturing independence in your precious one.

  • Be Appreciative of their Efforts
    As soon as children reach the toddler years, they can already manifest behaviors of independence. They would want to do things on their own which can make you feel a bit anxious for their safety. These manifestations, however, can be nurtured so they learn to work their independence out. To support them, appreciate their actions while at the same time monitor and supervise their safety. For instance, if they climb on the stairs, praise them for their sense of adventure and the strength of their arms and legs but ensure that child-proof measures are in place.
  • Provide Chores
    Children can also start doing chores that are appropriate for their age. In our Preschool in Maryland, we have seen how age-appropriate activities promote the learner’s sense of responsibility and independence. At home, you can also nurture this ability by assigning them to pick up their own toys or put on their shoes, as is safe and right for their age.
  • Allow Them to Choose
    The ability to choose is also another way to help children to gain independence. At the same time, we’re also enabling them to develop their cognitive and decision-making skills. When your child learns to choose, they also get to hone their interests even more. Provide them with little choices every once in a while, such as asking them which pajamas they would want to wear that night.
  • Avoid Insisting Perfection
    As parents, we can be at times focused on how perfect things ought to be done at work and at home. While this is a commendable trait, it is not easily encouraged to impart to our children as this can limit their independence. Recognize that mistakes are inevitable and children greatly learn from their mistakes. Hence, give them as much opportunity to explore on their own without expecting or insisting perfection.
  • Be Mindful of Their Health or Mood
    When children prefer certain activities over others or when they are not in the mood to do a certain task, respect their reaction. Being a Daycare provider in Maryland, we recognize that children can thrive better when they don’t feel forced about a task. When they’re not feeling well, just let them rest or when they want to do one task only, just let them be.

At Top Hat Montessori, you have us as partners in promoting the overall learning experience of your child. We hope that the above tips have been empowering for you.

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