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    We are committed to providing a better alternative to families who leave their children in the care of others while they work during the weekdays. We use Montessori teaching methods to engage children, so they develop a sense of confidence based on accomplishment, learn to care for themselves and others, and where they learn that the world is a good place.


    Our vision for Top Hat Montessori is based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, summarized in the following quote from her book, The Montessori Method.

    “There is in the child a special kind of sensitivity which leads him to absorb everything about him, and it is this work that alone enables him to adapt himself to life”

    Children are at the center of all that we do.


    The Light in Every Child. Maria Montessori taught the world to see and nurture the potential adult in each child. We see it every day when one of our students does something for the first time. They smile, but more than that their face and even their whole body, show their joy in learning something new. That moment is what drives everything we do at Top Hat Montessori. We believe that children who grow up with this kind of learning are the best equipped to tackle the challenges they will face.


    The world is a better place when diverse people come together and learn from each other. We are patient with each other’s different points of view, and seek to understand first, before


    Every person has a light inside themselves, and we respect the value of that light inside ourselves and others. We never demean or criticize a child, another staff member, or a parent.


    Close contact with others can naturally lead to conflict. We seek to turn that conflict to creativity and open minded problem solving. We speak to each other often, sharing ideas and getting help with issues.


    A passion for learning keeps us all feeling young and excited about life. We share our excitement for learning with the children, encouraging their curiosity and teach them how to find answers to their questions.


    In a community, each person must take care of themselves, and shares a responsibility for the care of their environment. We all check for tasks that need to be done, lending a hand whenever possible.


    We strive to maintain a sense of peace inside ourselves, and to create a sense of peace around us. We do not call out across a room; we do not hurry or rush; as adults, we restrain our emotional responses to the children so that we may calmly guide them.

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