Top 4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Memory

Top 4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Memory

It’s great when your child is able to recall what you said, including names of family members, what should and should not be done, and other essential routines. You can accomplish all that and more with these memory improvement tips.

As parents, we need to take steps to boosting our children’s memory by reinforcing what they’re learning and letting them engage in cognitively stimulating activities. The following tips should help you get started.

  • Repeat what you said

    Parents sometimes feel like a broken record, constantly trying to repeat instructions and explain what their children should or should not do. Well, it’s perfectly normal to have to say things again for your children because they’re still making sense of their own little world. You can do your part in helping your children understand better by reiterating rules or directions. Don’t let your directions be too wordy though; keep it simple.

  • Make things fun

    Making things fun for your children helps them remember directions or explanations easily. For example, you can dance around, sing a song, and just liven things up when picking up toys so that your children would be more inclined to join you. It really helps when your children are able to associate something fun and exciting with a particular activity you want them to do or follow.

  • Use music to soothe the savage beast

    And while toddlers are probably the farthest away from savage as anyone could ever appear, they can still be quite a handful sometimes. There are instances when getting them to follow instructions will give you a migraine. But not to worry though because like all ‘untamed’ animals bent on exploring the world their own way, they have a common weakness – and that’s music. You can play toddler music for when your children are brushing their teeth as it makes them think of it as a happy activity.

  • Reward good work

    When your child does a good job following directions, reward them for it. Whether it’s a positive feedback, a smile, or a simple “good job”, it lets your children know that what they just did made you happy, which, more often than not, makes them want to do it again.

Top Hat Montessori, a distinguished Montessori pre-school and daycare in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is all about improving a child’s memory early on in their life. If you are looking for a top-notch preschool or daycare provider in Maryland, don’t think twice about getting in touch.

We encourage parents and parents-to-be to share their thoughts on the comment section.

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